Premium VPN Service For 10 Cents Per User Per Day!

How Is This Possible?

By spinning up your own easy-to-use VPN Server!

Gather up to 5 family and friends and connect them to your server.

At $15.00 / month, that works out to $3.00 per user per month or about 10 cents per user per day!

What Do You Get With

Your Own Server?

Each of your family and friends get their own credentials - no credential sharing necessary.

Each user can connect multiple devices.

And you get sustained speeds that are faster with no throttling.

Your browsing data and habits are not collected, shared and sold!

There are no logs on your server and you can delete and rebuild your server at any time.

At just 10 cents per user per day, its almost free! 

So gather your group of friends and family and sign up for your free 7 day trial now!


More About The Benefits Of Your Own VPN Server

Once you try it, you'll never go back to shared VPN services!

Faster Sustained Speeds


Current VPNs will throttle your speeds after you exceed a certain bandwidth.  Or your speeds simply slow down because you are sharing servers with an unknown number of other users.   

With your own server, you get 100% of the server throughput dedicated to you!

And it costs less than a cup of coffee a day or just a few more dollars than normal VPN service.


Improved Security


Reduce the risk of data leakage between users on a server.  Destroy your server on demand -  and along with it any access and usage records. Spin up a new one as needed with new IPs or in a new location.

Did you know?  

Many VPN providers sell your browsing data?  If a VPN is free or low-cost, the chances are that you are the product and they are selling your browsing history.

Private VPN Servers

Its Just Better VPN Privacy!


More Flexibility

More Stability

A single account can support multiple distinct users. 

And, connecting your router to the VPN for whole-home protection is much more stable - with fewer dropped connections.

This is possible because you have 100% of the VPN server resources dedicated to you. 

Try us for a few days and see the difference for yourself!

It only costs 10 cents per day per user for 5 users!