The Benefits Of Private VPN Servers Over Shared VPN Services

Security and Privacy


Better Privacy

Your server is not shared with anyone else except the users you specify.


Open Source

Everything on your server is open-source so that it can be examined by anyone.  There is no proprietary or super-secret code that no one has seen or audited.


Better Security

Your private server is less of a target than one that is shared by hundreds or thousands of other users.


Less Data Leaking Risk

Since data from multiple unrelated users are not going through the same servers your risk of data being leaked to adjacent users is vastly reduced.  Our isolated virtual servers are yours and yours alone.


No Data Sales

No one is collecting and selling your data from your servers - its your server!

Speed & Reliability


More Consistent Speeds

Only you and your designated users send traffic through your server which means there is no sudden throttling of speeds to accommodate excess users.


Multiple Users & Devices

You can set up distinct user ids and security profiles for all your users.  This is inline with best security practices and is especially useful when a device is lost or stolen.


Secure a Whole Home or Office

When you have your own server you can connect any router with an OPENVPN client.  This automatically protects everyone on the network.

Cost & Flexibility


Costs Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

At $15.00 per month for a server with 5 users and 25 devices, its less than an average cup of premium coffee a day.


As Little As 10 Cents Per Day Per User

With 5 users, a small server costs 3 dollars per month per user or about 10 cents per day per user!


No Additional Costs For Special Settings

If you have the technical capabilities, we'll apply any custom directive you specify on your server.  Just send us the changes for your server config file and we'll get them added!


Just $1.00 For Each Additional User

Need more than 5 users on your server?  Its just $5.00 for each additional 5 users!  So 10 users on your server is just $2.00 per user per month or less than 7 cents per day per user!



Reputable Server Locations

Your server will be located in a data center run by vendors you recognize such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, Microsoft and Google.  Do you really know where the servers of your shared VPN provider are located?


Reputable Corporate Location

Our corporate offices are located in Chicago, IL, USA.  Most shared VPN providers can't even be located or are "located" on islands with barely any legal rights.  So how do you know what they're doing with your data?


Realistic Privacy Statements

Our privacy statements and network management procedures are realistic. We're not promising things that we know are unrealistic or cannot be delivered upon.

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