How To Configure Android Devices


When your VPN Server was created, an OPENVPN configuration file was also created. This file contains everything you need to connect to your VPN server and needs to be moved into the OpenVPN CONNECT application on your phone/tablet.

Of course, if you don’t already have this app, you’ll need to install it!

Installing the OPENVPN CLIENT CONNECT Application

Before you can do anything with the OPENVPN configuration file you’ll need to install the OPENVPN CONNECT client application.

To do this, go to the PLAY STORE and search for “openvpn”.

In the list of applications that show up, select OpenVPN Connect.

There will likely be many applications that show up with the term “OpenVPN” in its name. Make sure you select the OpenVPN Connect one as shown in the image below:

After selecting it, click the INSTALL button:

After it is installed, click on the OPEN button.

You will next likely see an AGREEMENT screen, so just click the AGREE link.

After that, you will see the OpenVPN Connect icon on your screen.

Download The Configuration File

1. Using your ANDROID browser, log into your VPN SERVER management screen on this site. To do this you go to ACCOUNT & SUPPORT and then click the ACCOUNT menu option as shown in the two images below. That will take you to the login screen.

2. Navigate to the VPN INSTANCES tab

3. On that screen you will see a button called DOWNLOAD FILE or DOWNLOAD CONFIGURATION FILE. Assuming this is your first VPN server with us, there should only be one instance of this button.

4. Clicking on it will download the file to your Android device.

5. You will then have an option to OPEN the file. Choose to OPEN the file and it will automatically launch the OpenVPN Connect app.

Import The Configuration File To the OpenVPN App

At this point, the OpenVPN Connect app has been launched for the first time and it requires permissions to the ANDROID file system in order to read the file. You should grant it these permissions as shown below:

The next screen will allow you to import the configuration file. It should show a filename that ends in ‘.opvn’ and has your name as the first part of the filename. When you see this screen, click the OK button.

The import is almost finished – you just need to confirm a couple of things on the next screen as shown below:

Now, ANDROID is going to ask for permissions again – this time it wants you to allow OpenVPN Connect to create a VPN connection. You should permit it to do so:

At this point you should be connected and you should see the screen below:

Congratulations – you’re now connected more securely to the internet using your own private VPN server!

You can verify that you have a different IP address that matches your server by going to Google and typing in “FIND MY IP” in the search box. If all is well, Google will show you a screen that shows your public IP address.