The Best VPN Is A Private Dedicated VPN Server

But running a dedicated VPN server can be complicated and time consuming.  SpinupVPN makes it easy.  Now everyone can enjoy the upgraded privacy benefits of a dedicated VPN server. Spin one up today - it'll be ready in five mins or less!

Just $15.00 / month / per server

Faster Sustained Speeds


Current VPNs will throttle your speeds after you exceed a certain bandwidth.  Or your speeds simply slow down because you are sharing servers with an unknown number of other users.   

With your own server, you get 100% of the server throughput dedicated to you!

And it costs less than a cup of coffee a day or just a few more dollars than normal VPN service.


Improved Security


Reduce the risk of data leakage between users on a server.  Destroy your server on demand -  and along with it any access and usage records. Spin up a new one as needed with new IPs or in a new location.

Did you know?  

Many VPN providers sell your browsing data?  If a VPN is free or low-cost, the chances are that you are the product and they are selling your browsing history.

Private VPN Servers

Its Just Better VPN Privacy!


More Flexibility

More Stability

A single account can support multiple distinct users. 

And, connecting your router to the VPN for whole-home protection is much more stable - with fewer dropped connections.

This is possible because you have 100% of the VPN server resources dedicated to you. 

Try us for a few days and see the difference for yourself!