3 Unique Ways To Use Your New VPN Server


So, hey, now that you’ve got a shiny new VPN server, what are some things you can do with it that might not be possible with a shared VPN service? Of course you can connect to it and have better privacy and security. But there’s a few more things you can do:

1. Share With & Secure Multiple Users

One of the best things about owning your own VPN server is the granular control you get with adding and removing multiple users. You can add from 5 users and up to 25 devices with just the smallest server. This means that if a device is lost or stolen, you don’t have to change the security settings on all your devices – just revoke the user, create a new one and update those users’ devices with new configuration files!

Its better security all around when you have unique individual users not sharing passwords or security files.

To add new users, just go to your ACCOUNT screen and select the VPN INSTANCES tab.

Once there, you’ll see a section titled ADD AND REMOVE USERS.

  1. Just type in a name (eg: “john”) and
  2. Click the ADD USER button.

After a few seconds of thinking, you’ll be prompted to download the configuration file. Just go through the normal steps to add the file to your devices – see instructions here for all devices.

2. Whole Home Protection

This one requires a bit of technical skill. If you have certain home routers with a built-in OPENVPN client, you can configure them to connect to your VPN server. This automatically provides protection for all devices in your home that uses your network.

Many routers have their own VPN server but only a few have the OPENVPN client built-in. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might consider enabling it and adding protection for your entire home.

If your router does not support the OPENVPN client, you might be able to update its firmware with a third party alternative called DD-WRT. This alternative firmware can unlock a lot of functionality in otherwise staid routers. There are hundreds of routers on the supported routers list so yours might very well be there.

If you do go down this route let us know – we’d love to write up an article about your experience!

3. Move Your Server

One of the disadvantages of a VPN Server is that it is usually in a fixed location. However, with SpinupVPN, you can move your server to a different location with just a few clicks.

To move your server, first log into your account and look for the MOVE YOUR SERVER section.

Note though, that when you move your server you will have to recreate your users and update your devices to point to the new server location. Because the server is now in a different location, it has a new IP address and certain other important configuration items will have changed.

Bonus Benefit

One of the advantages of owning your own server is that you can configure it for your own needs. If you have the skills and understand OPENVPN, you can contact our support desk to add directives to your OPENVPN server configuration file. This allows you to use the server as a relay to other VPN servers or to configure it to only accept connections from specific IP addresses and more.

Just tell our support staff which directives you need added to your OPENVPN configuration file or even to the server firewall and we’ll get them done for you!

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